How To Start an Internet Business in China


 To start  an Internet Business in China, it  really is essential for a Foreign Company to  Partner with an experienced local Chinese Company. This prevents any problems from arising on or after start up.

The Company  are such a Company.  They offer a  One Stop Solution,  whether you wish to sell physical or information products.  The Company is based in Shanghai and have 12 years experience in this field.

The One Stop Solution

Tom Hua and his dedicated team at WeSellToChina will help, guide and work with you, until you have a properly set up and functioning internet business.   You would thus avoid the pitfalls that can – and do arise – when a western company tries to start up an online business in China.

They will deal with all documentation, such as registrations, obtaining of the proper licenses and taxation.  Tom and his team ensures that your business is fully compliant with all Chinese regulations and requirements.  They will also  advise you:-

(a) on their Business Culture – which is unique to China – so you do not put a foot wrong


(b)  on their Social Media which are different from the ones we use, e.g. WeChat.


China + Internet
Start an Internet Business in China  








The Chinese Internet Market

China represents the largest global  internet market, with the potential for even further growth!  Consider the following:

  • It has the largest number of Internet Users worldwide.
  • They purchase more goods online than the Users in any other Country.
  • There is a growing Middle Class as the people get wealthier.
  • They comprise a huge buying market for Western Quality Goods, as they consider those Goods to be of Better Quality than their Chinese equivalents,  
  • AND
  • They love to Shop on the Internet

The following link takes you to a 15 minutes video prepared by Tom Hua.

There is another link at the end of this article for your convenience.

Additional Information – The Beginning!

In China, it is important to have local knowledge if you wish to create a thriving, sustainable business.  Tom Hua and his team have this knowledge.

Your Partnership would start with a “getting to know you,” one-to-one consultation, through a Skype phone call from Tom.  He will fully discuss your product,  goals, all other relevant matters plus a Business Plan for your Chinese Internet  business.

Once agreement is reached between you, he will choose a Member of his Team to work closely with you as your Dedicated Partner.  However,  he will always be available to you whenever you need him.  His Company would enable you to grow your business on  a scalable basis.

They have a bi-lingual,  e-Commerce platform; online cross border selling and an all-in-one promotional system connected to the massive Chinese Social Media Network.  Your System can be managed and maintained by a Public Listed Company in China.

Please click on the following link which will take you to the webpage where you can watch the video.   Included is the percentage split on profits proposed by Tom, which I think would pleasantly surprise you.  To Your Success.



Eileen De Gannes